Vibration and Motion Simulation Tables

Mesas Vibración

The vibration and simulation tables are systems to tests of resistance and durability, as well as the simulation of movement in flight simulators, driving, teaching, seismic engineering research, etc.

  • Servo Hydraulic

    Specific tables for tests of large masses and volumes. They can be made with 1, 2, 3 or 6 Degrees of Freedom.

  • Academic & Education

    • Designs that adapt to 1, 2 or 3 independent axes of movement.
    • It can be permanently mounted on a facility or it can be mounted on a truck for a mobile teaching facility.
    • Historical earthquake library.
    • Video and audio output to improve realism.
    • Digital control for special effects (i.e. strobe lights, smoke machines, etc.).
  • Electro-Mechanical

    They are fully electric tables, based on servomotors and adequate mechanical devices to match required kinematics to produce the vibration in the required axes.

  • Spindle

    E/M ball screw actuators with a calibrated analog voltage corresponding to ± 100% of displacement.

    The spindles use an electric servomotor with an internal encoder and digital PID servo control to drive the actuator conforms to the required setpoints. The highest frequency response is approximately 20 Hz, depending on the mass load of the table.

  • Sinusoidal

    RSAS sinusoidal tables for economic tests of products in the assembly line or in the test laboratory.

    These electric motor driven tables offer a less expensive and cleaner alternative to electrodynamic shakers or servohydraulic systems when sweeping vibration and sinusoidal scanning are desired.

Vibration Tables and motion simulation

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