Testing and Validation

During the development stage of a product, during the validation phase of the product, and finally, for the quality control of manufacturing, several tests campaigns are necessary.

Design validation, regulatory compliance, durability, operation under adverse environmental conditions, missuse, etc. RESET offers its experience for the conception, design, manufacture and supply of these types of systems to suit your needs.

  • Structural Tests

    They are flexible benches in which all these parameters are configured to meet your needs.

    They are systems that introduce static or fatigue loads. Custom configurable benches based on the quantity and type of action, linear, rotary, with controls in load, in displacement, speed, acceleration, cascade, etc.

  • Vibration Tests

    Functional verification of equipment performaces under service conditions.

    Structural and mechanical resistance under extreme conditions

    Seismic effects investigations on buildings and civil structures or new struture development.

  • Shock & Impact

    A wide variety of products are subject to shocks or impacts during their lifetime. Vehicles, electronic equipment, seats, packaging and the vehicle occupants themselves.

    Depending on the reference regulations and test protocols, the systems are very varied. From simple gravity drop towers, to complex crash simulation systems, they can meet your product shoct validation needs.

  • Environmental

    In many cases, dynamic or functional tests also require to be performed under certain climatic or environmental conditions.

    For this requirement the possibility of installing the test bench even inside of environmental chambers.


Testing and Validation

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