Actuation Systems

Sistemas Hidáulicos

Actuators are elements capable of transforming energy to produce movements of very different characteristics (type of movement, force, speed, etc.) and need a control that can be simple or very complex, depending on the final application.

Rely on RESET for the correct selection, design and integration of your application.

Performance Systems

Hydraulic Actuators

The Hydraulic Acting systems use the hisdfraulics energy for the generation of movement.
Its fundamental characteristic is the opsibility of reaching great levels of force and speed.

Traditional Actuators

RESET integrates conventional ISO actuators, single or double acting, with internal or external sensors, with solenoid valves or servo valves, force, displacement or acceleration sensors, etc.

SMART Hydraulics

sistemas SHA

Very compact and modular systems, connected in a network. They integrate everything necessary for each of the axes of action. From the pump itself, to the actuator, the sensors and the control.


Electro-mechanical Actuators

The electro-mechanical actuation systems have the characteristic of their cleanliness, and very high precision.

E / M actuators

For electromechanical actuation, RESET has the advanced technology of Kyntronics EMA actuators. They are compact actuators with all integrated elements.

Linear Motors and Tables

High speed and precision systems. From a single axis, to 3-axis systems for the positioning of machinery or product in processes.

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